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At Pro Fishing Source LLC we have been in business since 1990. We were formerly known as Ray's Custom Tackle and Leaders for Less. We manufacture unique in-line spinner rig kits for gamefish and panfish that use a free floating eyelet that is pressed into a sonic blade for a new application of this blade type only seen on wire before. The blades can now be used on any kind of fishing line without the line getting cut. It's an amazing sonic style fishing blade that begins to rotate as soon as it hits the water eliminating dead blades in the water so common in blades with a clevis. We also make fishing leaders from single and multi-strand titanium wire, fluorocarbon fishing line, single and multi-strand stainless steel wire, and hard mono fishing line; in a multitude of lengths and load breaking strengths. Pro Fishing Source fishing leaders are some of the finest premium quality fishing leaders you will ever see in a fishing trace of any material. Muskies, Pike, Peacock bass and all other toothy critters look out. At Pro Fishing Source LLC our commitment to premium grade fishing leaders is a continual quality goal. A multitude of carefully selected quality fishing baits, fishing tackle and angling necessities are also available on our website for purchase. Our vendors are from top fishing manufacturers in the industry. Please visit us again as we will continue to add premium quality fishing products often. All fishing tackle product prices we offer are among the most competitive online. Compare, shop and save money with us. Our goal as a web fishing retailer is to bring you the best value for your fishing dollar with quality products from the best sources.


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