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Renzetti Inc., is a family owned business that started its operations in Romansville PA in the early 70's. Since the early 70's Renzetti's hand tying tools and fly tying vises were seldom mostly heard of and very few shops were carrying it. The Orvis Company was our first retailer. By the late 80's the Traveler and the Presentation Series Vises were introduced and Renzetti started attending the consumer and manufacturing shows. In 1992, we made the few proto-pypes of the Master vise and gave one to Bob Popovics, Lefty Kreh and the late Matty Vincenguerra to tie on it and give me feedback. Then in 1994 The Master Series Vise was introduced. Renzetti Inc. currently employees 10 associates, including myself, Lily and our 18 year old son. We have a well trained, wonderful, caring staff that makes everything possible. Our primary business is the manufacturing of the finest fly tying and rod building equipment in the world, but we also provide engineering and manufacturing services to many other industries around the country. Renzetti, Inc. owns many patents and trademark and was the first fly tying vise manufacturer to offer a True Rotary Vise. Changes to our product come as a result of our desire to keep our customers excited in the sport, and always asking for more. So regardless if you are an old friend of Renzetti or a newcomer to the fly fishing or rod building we welcome you, to the art of fly fishing, the driving force behind all Renzetti products. We thank you for your support and want to reaffirm our commitment to providing you, the tyer and the rod builder, the absolute best in product and services. We take great pride in the fact that every process of our product line is made in the USA.
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