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Rod Master

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RodMaster Rod Caddy & Fishing Rod Rack is an easy and convenient way to Organize, Carry & Store Fishing Gear. RodMaster solves the usual hassles of damaged fishing equipment, transporting rods and reels and fishing rod storage problems. With RodMaster, you’ll have a more carefree and enjoyable fishing experience every time. Transport up to four rods and reels in RodMaster Rod Caddy and your fishing gear is kept tangle-free and protected. And here’s a bonus: RodMaster includes a snap-in tackle box, so you don’t need to lug a big tackle box around – just pack what you need for the day. Whatever descriptive words describe RodMaster like rod caddy, rod retainer, rod tote or rod holder – RodMaster is more than that. RodMaster is also a rod storage solution too. After fishing, just hang RodMaster on the wall, or in your boat, in its unique mounting system. Rods, reels and tackle are kept organized, off the floor, untangled and protected from damage. When you’re ready to go fishing again, just remove RodMaster from the wall or boat and all your fishing gear is ready to go when you are. Customers have said that RodMaster is not only the best rod carrier they’ve seen, but also the best fishing rod storage solution!” Another must-have fishing accessory is the custom-made RodMaster Cover that fits over the RodMaster. The waterproof cover not only protects your reels from continuous cleaning and damage, but you can carry extra supplies and tackle in the three large pockets. RodMaster has a new product for ice fishing: The RodMaster Ice Fishing Tip Up System. This ice fishing caddy holds up to two ice fishing rod and reels so you can fish in two ice holes, instead of just one. And when there’s a fish on the line, just remove your fishing pole from RodMaster and land the fish with your rod and reel instead of using bare, freezing cold hands.

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