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Salt Armour

Share FL, US Official Website
SA Co. is a lifestyle outdoor brand where the philosophy is quality gear at reelistic prices™.
A passion for fishing paired with a unique entrepreneurial talent is what brought SA Co. to its quick, yet well warranted success. With a mix of creativity, as well as trial and error, the brand patented the Gimbal Cover®, which soon became the spark for the company. Capitalizing on social media, the collection expanded into the apparel industry, which catapulted the company into a global brand.

Today, SA Co. is known as a lifestyle apparel brand that supplies consumers with everything they need to make the most out of their outdoor excursions. Sporting the SA shield reveals a passion for the brand, but it goes beyond just that. With our SA team extending far beyond the United States, it means more than wearing a logo; it means a shared connection across the globe.

SA Co. has evolved into a brand that allows customers to live the SA lifestyle through our eyes, one picture at a time.


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