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Passion. Innovation. Performance.

At the core of our company is a passion not only for fishing but distinctly improving the tools of which we use. The environments change and the species my change but the challenge is always the sameā€¦.and were not there to practice our casting.

Our goal was not to start another lure company but to create a company with the purpose of giving the angler tools birthed from the most innovative concepts and ideas available today. Each detail from the natural unique actions of the Evidence series to the revolutionary fluid filled Possessed series is derived form detailed scientific studies of predators and prey.

Go ahead put them to the test. The true test is always performance. Each lure is designed to perform distinct movements and actions imitating various natural movements of the prey. Intense vibration, fluid movements, and subtle turbulences provide the triggers drawing strikes from the wariest of predator.

We complete the package with the highest quality production techniques and components assuring you a product made to last and not fail you when the fish of a lifetime is at hand.



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