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Snag Proof

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It was the late 1950s and Harry Ehlers, an avid fisherman and advertising executive at Solo Marx (better known as Totes) observed a boot mold being dipped into plastic. He had the idea to create a fishing lure using the same method. As with many fishing lure businesses, Snag Proof started over the kitchen stove. Mr. Ehlers combined his knowledge gathered from working at Totes Rubber Company with his love for fishing and created the first soft, hollow-bodied frog lure for catching big bass from weedy farm ponds. The basic concept; a soft hollow body with a double hook clinging to the sides allows the lure to pass through weeds, moss, over lily pads and other structure without snagging. This lets the fisherman access areas on a body of water where most game fish hide and feed and where ordinary lures can't go. The lures are very effective and fun to use! The excitement of a big bass or pike blowing up through the weeds or lily pads to get at the frog is terrific! Tournament pros in the world of bass fishing use them to consistently up to the weight in their live wells during tournaments such as the B.A.S.S. Classic. This type of lure is also good for beginners since they won't be hanging up in the weeds and cleaning weeds from the lure—more time to fish! Snag Proof is the original hollow-body frog company and “Made in the U.S.A” since 1961. For more than 53 years, Snag Proof has been helping fishermen everywhere enjoy the thrill of a monster bass blowing up through the weeds to grab a Snag Proof lure!


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