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How many times has a fishing trip been ruined by a tangled fishing line? Too many to count, I'm sure! Although anyone can accidentally tangle their line, it is an especially common mishap for enthusiastic children and unexperienced beginners. No-tangle fishing poles feature an in-line feed through the center of the shaft, which eliminates any obstruction between the line and the exterior of the rod. This extra protection is crucial when you're trying to teach a young child to fish. The line won't become tangled, your child can fish hassle-free, and you won't have to worry about constantly untangling or replacing your child's fishing line.

If you're interested in purchasing a no-tangle fishing rod, check out Kid Casters. Our unique, innovative fishing products are the perfect way to safely introduce your child to the sport of fishing. Our (patent pending) no-tangle fishing rods prevent tangles and bunching, so you'll spend less time untangling your line and more time fishing. The rod is 34 inches long with a 3.1:1 gear ratio reel and a pre-spooled 6 lb. test line. It's available in a variety of styles as well, from basic colors to popular cartoon characters like Dora and Friends, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so your child can choose the design that they like best.

You might also be interested in the No Tangler, a deluxe tangle-free rod engineered to fit any standard or micro SPINCAST reel. It is a 41-inch, medium action, inline fiberglass rod with an adjustable seat EVA handle. Plus, the spring-loaded break action technology makes it easy to rethread the line and change out reels. This a fantastic go-to rod for serious anglers as well as novices.
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