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Strike Master

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Part of being a legacy manufacturer is reinvesting in the sport. Practicing what they preach, StrikeMaster pioneered a youth ice fishing program in Minnesota's Hinckley-Finlayson schools. There are plans to expand the accredited curriculum to other school districts.

StrikeMaster worked with the association for Advancement of Hmong Women in Minnesota to introduce children to the tradition rich sport. Fishing is a big part of the Asian culture, and learning how to ice fish allows them to continue that heritage here in North America.

On the recreational side, StrikeMaster cuts the tens of thousands of holes at the Brainerd Jaycee's Ice Fishing Extravaganza, a fundraiser for Confidence Learning Center in Brainerd, Minn. StrikeMaster also waves the ice fishing flag at the International Eelpout Festival in Walker, Minnesota.

We are the first generation of modern ice anglers. It's our responsibility to pass the torch. We have to be actively engaged to be a steward. That sort of mindfulness will fortify ice fishing's next 65+ years.



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