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Tightlines UV

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TightlinesUV created a set of baits that focus on the UV vision of fish. With 80% of light being reflected at the surface of the water, shorter wavelength UV light is the majority of what is left to fill the underwater environment. Tightlines Ultimate Vision UV lures are the only lures created specifically to react to this UV light in the way that real prey does; matching the hatch like nothing before!

TightlinesUV created the next generation of fishing tackle with the invention of "Ultimate Vision through TIGHTLINES new Nano-Infused Polymerization (NIP) Technology. Bass don't have the UV filters like that of the human eye. That's why they prefer darkness to bright sunlight. Therefore, the only way that Bass can protect their eyes from UV degradation is by retreating to shady areas such as stumps, submerged logs, vegetation, floating lily-pads, etc. "Ultimate Vision is an ultraviolet (UV) vision enhancer that is focused on the wavelength of light that Bass use the most to search out their prey, but is transparent to fishermen's eyes.


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