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TNT Baits

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Handcrafting todays finest bass fishing jigs one at a time. Caution, explosive baits inside

In today's world of bass fishing, a wide array of tactics and artificial baits are available to the angler in pursuit of Black Bass. One bait has stood the test of time as the most consistent big fish and numbers catching bait. The lead head jig will catch all species of fish, year round. Yet the jig’s deadly allure to big bass is unquestioned. The Jig has won more tournament dollars than any other bait and is a standard weapon and tool on the deck of today’s touring Professionals. The jig is a bait that can be fished in any season, it’s versatility from top to bottom is second to no other bait. TNT Baits takes pride in our efforts to build the best hand tied jigs using the finest components available, starting with the finest round rubber base. From that first summer day in 2005 when Troyce Taylor met with Andy “Cooch” Cuccia and designed the first TNT Wadda Jig, we have expanded our range of baits, color patterns and building processes, yet the original goals of those two guys have been kept in place, Keep it simple and do it right the first time. The quality and productivity of our baits speak for themselves.


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