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During the last 50 years, Turrall has established an international market of more than 32 countries. The company won The Sunday Times special award for its unique contribution to employment in rural Britain. It followed this with the Country Living Magazine First Prize for Businesses in Rural areas. Turrall packaging and designs have won a unique five awards from EFTTEX “ the trade show of the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association.

The quality of Turrall flies starts with our hooks. Made to the finest standards through a combination of traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology: extra strong high carbon steel, short shallow cut barbs, needle ground surgical points and double coated for long life. Tying is with super-fine extra strong polyester threads. Feathers and furs are procured from the four corners of the world- carefully selected, processed and blended. Where appropriate Metz hackles are used, together with many other unique Turrall fly-tying materials to produce the finest quality fishing flies.

The International Turrall collection includes both classic and contemporary patterns, reflecting the requirements of fly fishermen around the world. Good materials alone don't necessarily catch fish. To mimic nature successfully and outwit selective trout, a fly must look good and ride right “ so balance, style and interpretation become all important. Fly design is the result of collaboration between acknowledged experts, our in-house technical team and our many customers world-wide. We supply flies to members of the world championship teams “ both for field testing and competition use.

H. Turrall & Co Ltd, the UK's longest established company of fly dressers, offers bespoke tying for specialized fishing flies as well as bulk tying and packaging options for retail.


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