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United Composites USA

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United Composites USA as it sits today, has taken all of the many iterations of this company and brought it back to its most pure, most simple form. The history behind this company and its product began long ago, in fact so many years ago that its origins rival that of companies like Sabre Rods, Fenwick, and Truline. An inventor from the San Diego area used technology from other parts of the recreational segments of the composites markets and implemented them in the construction of fishing rods and other tubular composite fiber structures. This innovation revolutionized the fishing rod business with a resounding whisper. The technology was kept such a secret that not only did other rod companies fail to recognize its significance, but no one even bothered to research it. To this day, this ground breaking technology is the best kept secret in fishing rods. United Composites USA is the only company entitled to use the patented and trademarked Dual Helix Technology and Single Helix Technology. Any other companies around the globe imitating this proprietary construction are merely imposters. The Dual and Single helix technology blanks are wholly constructed of longitudinal pre-preg glass and graphite in such a manner as to eliminate the need for any glass scrim backing or woven glass fabric. This innovation, some 40+ years later is what makes the Composites USA product the most durable tubular composite blanks in the industry. Each blank is carefully designed to maintain the essential minimalist weights demanded by fishermen today. However, with the extreme hoop strength added to each design, the fisherman or woman will never have to sacrifice strength and durability. It is clear that our blank designs from Ultra-Light freshwater to extreme Off-Shore bluewater designs carry within the layers of material, the in-born structure designed to keep the rod performing for many years. Regardless of the application, the fisherman can rest assured that their United Composites USA product will perform.


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