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Vertical Lures

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Soft plastic baits or plastic fishing lures, like Tube-X and Creature-X by Vertical Lures, have been part of the fishing industry and in fisherman, angler or tournament pro, professional fishermen, tackle boxes and in boats on the water since the late 50s. Bass fishermen started with hook and worm that was hard and rubbery, lacking silicon, this category of lures has evolved to be more realistic in texture, color and action that better imitates fish, baitfish, worms, lizards, insects, salamanders, craw dads (crayfish) or other natural aquatic food or crawly creature. No special rod and reel required and it has lots of ways to attach it to a fishing line, monofilament (mono), fluorocarbon or braided line to catch fish. This bait can be flipped, pitched, you can swim it, Carolina rig, Texas rig, Alabama rig, drop shot, deadstick it, wacky, dangle berry, recoil rig, owner jig rig or necko rig it, use sinkers, floats, split rings, beads, snaps and swivels to attach them. Add spinners, rattles, strike indicators. Fish them deep, shallow, in the weeds, cover, trees, grass, milfoil, on bedding bass and in fresh or salt water that is clear, tinted, stained, mercy or muddy using lots of techniques and retrieving methods. Soft plastic baits or plastic fishing lures


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