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Vexan Fishing

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The VEXAN Advantage

Whether you are a hardcore tournament angler or a recreational fisherman who wants to enjoy fishing with friends and family we know you are always looking for an edge. From your boat all the way down to the sunscreen you choose there are advantages to be had. When it comes to choosing your next fishing rod we think you will soon discover why having a VEXAN Bass Rod in your hands will provide you with one of those advantages you are looking for. It’s what we call the VEXAN Advantage. The VEXAN Advantage not only represents the five distinct advantages we think you will realize when you fish with a VEXAN it also represents our five point promise to you as our valued customer. Value – VEXAN Bass Rods are unparalleled in value. Vexan is unencumbered by large corporate overhead and national marketing campaigns that balloon prices. Instead, we focus on whats important to you and that is a true high end premium rod at a very reasonable price. Every Cast, Every Catch, Every Day – We know your time on the water is important and you cant afford the frustration of broken equipment. When you fish with a VEXAN you can bet that your fishing rods will be right there with you Every Cast, Every Catch, Every Day. Xtreme Strength and Sensitivity – VEXAN Bass Rods are made with our proprietary TITAN technology.We are convinced that you will not find a more fishable rod with the strength and sensitive you will find in a VEXAN. All Applications – Whether it’s drop shooting on Lake Michigan, cranking ledges on Lake Guntersville, punching matts on Lake Okeechobee or literally anything in between, VEXAN has the rods to cover every technique and lure category you fish. No Compromises – We will not compromise on our efforts to provide you with a truly great customer experience. If we can’t provide you with a great product at a price that is reasonable we won’t produce the product. So far that has not been a problem and we don’t expect it will be anytime soon.


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