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Warbird Fishing Gear

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For a group of friends and family from Islamorada, FL, Warbird Fishing Gear is the realization of a shared dream by those who would do anything to step foot into the wilderness. Established by brothers, Warbird Fishing Gear resonates with those who work both on the water and on land, those who are eager to make memories that last a lifetime with like-minded people. We pride ourselves on bringing together academic and practical knowledge to protect wild and beautiful places. This passion manifests itself through Warbird Fishing Gear artwork and apparel, showing so much of what we love about the ocean, its fish and everything that makes the outdoors remarkable.

Warbird Fishing Gear products are made of the highest quality material and engineered specifically for offshore anglers who need protection from the elements during long days on the water. Our UV technology protects you from the sun’s harmful rays for the ultimate performance during a full day of fishing. All Warbird Fishing Gear Outdoor Technical Performance gear features exclusive artwork by Florida’s Captain Matthew Shunk.


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