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Kristina Olya Russian Angler

Darien, IL, US
YouTube @kristinaolya RussianAngler
Instagram @kristinaolyarussianangler
Facebook @kristina olya Russian angler

My name is kristina I am currently goin on two years of fresh winter angling. It all started with my boyfriend who got me hooked in to fishing (no pun intended) I started off learning to fly fish was the first time I picked up a fishing rod and I picked it up quit quickly and loved it. I started catching some blue gill and croppies and I did that for a month to get down the basics then I started to get into bigger fish like bass and northerns. Let me tell u what a rush! So after learned that skill I wanted to learn how to use a spinner and I did such thing and I currently am using my favorite rods ever st croix. The first year of fishing all I was catching was bass and northern but I try my hardest at all types of different methods of lures. That's all I use like right now I am using top waters and been very successful on the whopper plopper and the frog. I am currently sponsored by River2sea on there field staff and NAA (national angler Association) this happened in middle of 2017. Honesty I just fish for fun and like to see more people get out there I have some fans on Facebook that by my post they get inspired to go fishing cuz I have my own little way of fishing and that's fishing in style. Who says u have to dress like a man to go fishing. Lol well that's all I can think of right now if u have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask
Thank you Kristina Olya
Black Crappie
Largemouth Bass
Longnose Gar
Smallmouth Bass



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