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Joel Grubbs
2017-04-08 01:53:35

Early Spring fun

Had a great time Saturday with friend Cody at a couple of local lakes, with 5 over 5. I have to admit that three of them were Cody's. We caught fish on the bank, off the bank, on docks, grass, brush, and rock with reaction baits as well as jigs and finesse baits there was no pattern to be found and that might be what made it so much fun. Second trip out with my new Ardent Elite reels, and these things are not only light but they cast a mile, excited to have a great relationship with them. I have to brag on my Enigma Phenoms as well, both big fish were boat flipped, probably not a great idea but that's how it went down and they performed flawlessly as they always have.
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Apr 08, 2017 08/04/17
Jeremie Lovejoy
Damn nice fishing
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