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Joel Grubbs
2016-10-25 00:10:51

CCBC Silver Lake

Had a pretty dissapointing weekend at Silver, somehow still ended up in fourth place. Finally figured out how to use the new go pro, just wish it was on a better day. Here's some footage of a small flipping fish caught with a Z mans flip and cast jig in Okechobee Craw color using a heavy action Enigma Fishing Phenom Rod with a Revo S reel and Seaguar Fluoro. The Go Pro was sitting on an Aqua Stik Power which plugs into the nav light port on your boat and powers your camera all day, no more switching batteries, put your go pro into looping mode and no more changing sd cards, this is a great setup, the more I get familiar with it the better videos I'll post. Tight Lines
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