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PowerTeam Lures is looking for over 100 new ProStaff!

powerteam lures is looking for over 100 new prostaff
Thank you for your interest in joining our team. Please note that we are only accepting applicants who have experience fishing our products and currently use our baits as their “confidence” baits. The first thing we do when we receive an application is run the applicants name through our website to look up their order history with us. This tells us which of our products the applicant uses and how long they’ve been using them prior to applying for a staff position. If we don’t see an order history showing experience with our products, the application won’t be considered. If we do see a sound history, the applicant will receive the highest consideration.

Our baits are produced with the highest quality plastics and incorporate just the right amount of salt. This produces neutrally buoyant durable baits that flat out catch fish. The result is a superior line of soft plastics baits that allow you to mimic the realistic actions of prey with every twitch of your rod. And once the bass strike, our special blend of amino acids - Hog Tonic - keeps them holding on long afterwards, giving you plenty of time to slam back and set the hook.

If you love bass fishing, can help us spread the word about our products, and want to represent PowerTeam Lures, don't miss out on this opportunity to join our team by applying today!
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